Busy On Busy
  • 05 Apr 2022
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Busy On Busy

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Article Summary

Busy on Busy (Busy Options) lets you configure how incoming calls are handled when a user is already in a call or conference or has a call placed on hold. New or incoming calls can be rejected with a busy signal or can be routed accordingly to the user's unanswered settings. You can enable busy options at the tenant level or at the user level. Regardless of how their busy options are configured, users in a call or conference or those with a call on hold are not prevented from initiating new calls or conferences. This setting is disabled by default. 

Setting this option on tenant level involves adjusting the Voice Calling Policy used by the users in the Teams Administration Centre. For example, on the Global Voice Calling Policy this can be changed by this setting: 


Make sure beforehand that all your users really are using this Calling Policy.   

Otherwise, if you want to have more granular control over this, create your own new Voice Calling Policy where you change this setting and then apply this policy to all users.  

This way the policy can also be applied to single or a group of users that are supposed to have Busy on Busy applied to them.  

Infinity settings

You need to make sure you have "call waiting" active on the user this makes Infinity sending calls to teams even if the user seems busy in the Infinity system.  You can enable that on the users on the users page.

If you have queue in Infinity and transfer calls there might be scenarios were Infinity is not able to set the agent as available again. This will result in the agent not receiving any calls until the transferred call is ended. 

To avoid this you can add the busy on busy option above and then in the "Queue Options" setting in Infinity set the "Skip busy agents" to no. This will make the queue send calls to the agent even if the agent is in a call (or transfered the call). With busy on busy option in Teams the agent will not be prompted for these calls when in another call.

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