Reporting Calling Issues
  • 23 May 2023
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Reporting Calling Issues

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Article Summary

When reporting call problems to Infracom, it is important that you include all relevant information from the start so that we can help you quickly.

A call problem may be that a number cannot be dialled or that there is no sound in one or both directions in the call.

Feel free to send us the case by e-mail to 

What is relevant information?

In order for us to troubleshoot call problems, we need at least one call example that includes the following information:

-  Date and time (for problem calls that are not old)
      e.g. 13-01-2023 09:15

-  All relevant numbers involved in the call (caller, called, transferred by/to)
      e.g. +46812345543 calling +4578987634

-  Behaviour of the call (error message, error behaviour)
      e.g. voice saying "technical fault"

-  Expected behaviour (for a working call)
      e.g. the call should be connected to ...

-  Additional information
      e.g. my colleague arrives without problems, problems started there or troubleshooting already done

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