Queue strategies
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Queue strategies

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Article Summary

Infinity's queue strategies can solve all possible scenarios. We will go through a couple that may be interesting to use and how to set up them for the best experience.

Ring all

If you want all agents in a queue to get called at the same time and the agent who picks up the call is to get the call you should select the "Ring all"  strategy under "Queue Options". 

 At "Agent Options" you should disable the Agent autopause option

Each agent will be called for as many seconds as you set the Agent timeout to. Keep in mind that if you set a shorter call time on a phone / client, this will apply and not what you set Agent timeout to. The Agent timeout is the maximum time the queue can call an agent before the call is considered unanswered.

Least recent called or Fewest calls

In case you want the queue to call the agent who has been free for the longest time, i.e. from this queue received a call earlier than all other agents in the queue you should use "Least recent called"

If you rather want the queue to call to the agent who took the least calls during the day so far, you should choose the strategy "Fewest calls"

For these strategies to work, it is important that you activate "Agent autopause", "Agent autopause busy", "Agent autopause unavail", "Unpause autopaused agent" and "Unpause autopaused agents on new call". This will give the queue the ability to see an agent, who does not respond, as unavailable and moves on to call the next agent. If you have not activated these, it will try the same agent over and over again. By activating "Unpause autopaused agents on new call" all agents will be available for new calls.

Call one agent at a time (linear, with memory or random)

If you want to ring one agent at a time, there are three different options you can choose between linearly "Linear" (ring according to ordered specified), "Round robin memory" (it remembers which agent it called last and takes the next one) or "Random".

if you select "Round robin memory" or "Random" you  should turn off Autopause Agent as shown in the "Ring All" scenario mentioned above. If you choose "Linear", you must activate Autopause agent and have the same options activated as under "Least recent called" or "Fewest call".

Hunt groups

If you want to have a group of agents that the queue calls first and if these do not answer the call is sent to another group and so on you should use the Hunt group set-up. . You can make the following setting to get this scenario working:

On the page where you add agents, select "Penalty". Those who have 0 will be called first. Those who have 1 will be called if no one with 0 answered and so on.

Queue option should have the strategy "Ring all"

Activate "Agent autopause", "Agent autopause busy", "Agent autopause unavail", "Unpause autopaused agent" and "Unpause autopaused agents on new call". 

Each group of agents (hunt group) will be called as many seconds as you set the "Agent Timeout" to, which is found under the "Agent options". If you set 30 seconds there, it rings for 30 seconds on those with "Penalty" 0 and then 30 seconds on those with "Penalty" 1 and so on.

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