Register repeater on Gigaset base station
  • 20 Sep 2021
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Register repeater on Gigaset base station

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Article summary

1. Activate "Repeater mode" on the base station via connected handset (menu-> settings-> system-> repeater mode).

2. Start up Repeater 2.0 (plug in the power adapter)

3. Press the "pager button" on the base station for three seconds.

4. The repeater must now register and if it succeeds, the left light will illuminate with a solid green light.

5. Switch off the handset. Turn off the repeater. Place the repeater some distance from (~ 10m) the base station and place the handset near the repeater.

6. Restart the repeater and when it has made contact with the base station (left light is solid), switch on the handset again. When the handset has registered to the repeater, the right light should flash every ~ 3 seconds.

Repeater reset

(If the repeater is to be moved to another base station.)

    Press the repeater button (left LED flashes slowly).

    Release the repeater button when the left LED flashes quickly (after approx. 10 sec.).


With the new repeater 2.0 encryption is supported and nothing needs to be done to register a 2.0 repeater.

Also has the name of the parameter (Repeater mode) changed to “Encryption” on / off.

If you have a repeater 1.0 then the Encryption setting should be turned off, the old “repeater mode on”.

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