Teams Call App
  • 28 Feb 2022
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Teams Call App

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Call App

With our CallApp, we help you manage your ongoing calls and you can manage the call from the app window in teams, call forwarding, transfer, recording, customer history and opening of third-party systems such as. case management system or CRM system.

For the best experience, you or the administrator of your Office 365 tenant should add the app to the left menu in Teams and you take it out in your own window to work with during the day.

Calls and call history

When a call is in progress, you see the icon that shows whether it is an incoming or outgoing call followed by who you are talking to and call time. Under History, the last three calls are shown for the person you are talking to, you can easily see which of your colleagues have had previous conversations with the calling party, this way you know who can be referred to and what times the calls took place earlier. You also see if it was an outgoing or incoming call.


Call recording

When you have an active call and CallApp up, you can click the record button and thus start recording the call. Recorded calls can be found in the portal in the mobile app or in the VM / Rec app.



An active call can be transfered to a colleague or contact through a attended or unattended call transfer. Attended call transfer gives you the chance to talk to your colleague or contact first before you actually transfer the call, and an unattended transfer the call directly. 

Click the call transfer button and then select a new party from the list or enter a number in the search field to link directly to a number that is not a contact or colleague. The handset with one arrow provides unattended transfer and the handset with double arrows provides attended transfer.

With attended call transfer, you get the option Transfer to complete the call transfer or Cancel Transfer to end and return to the call.

Move calls

Click the device button to bring up the list of your devices.

In the list, select which device you want to move the call to and the new device will start ringing.

Voicemail and Recordings

In the upper left corner you can find voicemail and callrecordings.

Click any of them to get a list of your latest audio files and listen to them.Press the three dots to the right to download to your local computer.

Third Party Systems (CRM, Case Management…)

To open a web page with your third-party system, click the third-party system button and your default web application will open with the settings you specified in the settings tab.


In the Settings tab, select the third-party system and enter the information needed to connect. You can choose between Action URL which opens a web page with numbers as parameters in the url, Background call which in the background calls a page with numbers as parameters, Dynamics 365 which opens accounts in dynamics if numbers for the other party are in accounts or Zendesk for to open cases for the user with the number shown by the other party.

Action URL

Enter the URL of your third party's system and replace the number part of the URL with $ CLI, for example$CLI which will open the web page with the other party's number.

You can also click in to get the web page to open automatically when you have an answered call so that you do not have to click on the CRM button and if you want the page to open as soon as you have an allocated call before it is answered.

Background calls

Used when communicating directly with a third-party system without opening a web browser.

Enter the url of the third-party system and replace the number part with the URL with $CLI, for example http://localhost:36729/?CID=BCM1234&ANI=$CLI&EventType=INBOUND

In this way, you can make applications act with the parameters specified in the fields.

More information about thirdparty systems

Dynamics 365




 Block incoming calls

From your CallApp Settings tab you can block incoming calls from numbers and prefixes for your organisation.
Blocking calls will block incoming calls for all users in your organisation. To block calls you will need PBX callerid route acces in your access list and permissions.

Enter number or prefix you like to block and click Add, also you could remove blocked calls from the list of blocked calls by pressing the bin icon.


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