Teams Contacts App
  • 29 Mar 2022
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Teams Contacts App

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Article Summary

Contact app overview

The Contact app consists of three categories and a general search.

  • Users - information about your colleagues in Infinity
  • Contacts - external contacts imported into Infinity
  • Queues - the calling queues in Infinity
  • General search - search all categories above and switch view by clicking 



The contacts app lists your colleagues, queues and contacts. You can see your colleagues' active profile (available, busy, in a meeting et.c.) from the telephone system. This helps making a decision how you should contact the colleague in question.


For each colleague you will see:

  • Avatar & profile icon,
  • Name
  • Call status
  • Profile name of the active profile
  • List of phonenumbers
  • Icons to start: Chat, Mail, Call and add as favorite

If you haven’t already assigned im: and tel: URLs to your Teams app, search for “Default apps” in windows, click it and choose “Choose default apps by protocol” scroll down to IM and TEL and select Teams as your default app. 


The Contacts category lists the external contactc in Infinity. You can have both private, shared and syncronised contacts.


In the queues section you will find your organizations call queues listed with their current status.

Name your queues so you and your colleagues now what they work with in that queue. Status show how many callers that are waiting in queue right now, how many Agents that can handle callers, average wait time and your call queues service level as of given moment.

You will also be able to forward or call your queues by clicking their numbers.


There are four ways to search for your contacts, by:

  • The search field in each category to get a result in the separate category
  • The search field in the upper left corner, that will filter all sections. This can be a good way to search for user skills and other fields that have been added to both users and queues.

If you are in a call where you have to transfer your caller to someone that knows something about "Teams" you could try to search that in your upper left search field and get all Users with that tag, all queues named something like Teams and all external contacts named Teams.

From the results you can see if you have a user that you would be able to transfer to or if there is a queue that can handle your call.

You can add and handle tags for users in your web portal.

If you don't find who you are looking for but know the number, you can type the number in the search field and get it as an option in your Contacts section.

Getting started

Once you have installed the Contacts app in your Teams client, we recommend that you attach the app to your left menu. If you are an Admin in the organization, you can create policies for apps and ensure that your employees have a left-hand menu with the right apps lined up.

Log in with the information for your Infinity telephone system - email address and password.

Set up access in Infinity

For the Contacts app to work properly, you need to set up access for your users in the Infinity portal.
Go to your portal and log in with a user who have administrator rights. Click on "Access", either change the existing group for your users or create a new group and also apply it to your users.

We also recommend that you sync your contacts from exchange, this will enable you to use all your contacts in the Contacts app.

Forwarding calls

In the contacts app we have solved the limitation that Microsoft teams already have with not being able to forward an incoming to an external contact that you do not know the phone number to.

In contacts it is enough that you know the name and you search for it and then click on the forwarding symbol next to the contact number, you can in the same way forward to a colleague or a queue.

There are two ways to forward a call, direct or attended transfer. Direct transfer is the first option assigned to every number and will forward your call to any contact without you having to speak to your contact.

Attended transfer is the second and when making an attended transfer you will first call your contact and be given the possibility to either transfer the call or cancel your transfer request.


Adding Contacts

You can add contacts automatically by using our Calendar and Contact sync with Office 365.

You can add an external contact directly to the phone system and Contacts app with the Add contact-button from your Contacts section. Enter name and number and click add and your new contact will be added and listed on top of your contacts.

Setting user profile

If you have the right to set other users profiles your can do that by clicking a users profile symbol and get all profiles that can be set for the user.

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