Client settings - Mobile application
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Client settings - Mobile application

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Client settings allows an admin to set, lock and hide settings or functionality in InFinity Mobile app. Client settings is located under the ‘Company’ tab in the ‘Users’ category and requires the ACL group ‘Access rights’. A user can only belong to one ‘Client setting’ per type (Mobile/Desktop).

Warning: Administrating settings requires advanced knowledge of the mobile app and can cause issues for the user if administered incorrectly.

How it works

The app will download and force the settings the first time the user signs in or the next time they start their mobile app. Anytime a change is made it will trigger an update of the stored settings the next time it's used. If a user has at least one mobile setting active an icon will be shown in the ‘Settings’ toolbar which informs the user that there are remote settings active.

Choosing a specific value for a setting will force the app to set that value and lock corresponding setting, making the user unable to change it. If an admin later changes that setting to inactive, the last value that was set will still be used until the user themselves changes it or signs out.


Access group ‘Access rights’ is requiered. 


  • Only lock the settings needed for the user's configuration to work
  • Lock as little as possible, otherwise it will easily become a dull user experience for the end user
  • Do not hide views unless it comes as a requirement from larger companies/customers

Mobile settings

Hide setting category profile

Hide profile setting category

- work hours

Set and locks work hours

- work days

Set and locks work days

Hide setting category call

Hide call setting category

- disable outgoing number

Disable outgoing number setting

- disable device make calls

Disable device make calls setting

- disable call waiting

Disable call waiting setting

- Softphone

Set and lock softphone

- Softphone connection method

Set and lock softphones connection method

- call method

Set and lock call method when softphone is enabled

Hide setting category theme

Hide theme setting category

- disable darkmode

Disable darkmode setting

- disable primary color

Disable primary color setting

- disable font family

Disable font family setting

- disable design pattern

Disable design pattern setting

Hide setting category contacts

Hide contacts setting category

- upcoming status

Set and lock upcoming status

- show extension

Set and lock show extension

- show note

Set and lock show note

- sort order

Disable sort order setting

- starting tab

Set and lock starting tab

- disable copy to phonebook

Disable copy to phonebook setting

Hide setting category queues

Hide queue setting category

- show incoming calls

Set and lock show incoming call

Hide setting category notifications

Hide notifications setting category

- profile

Set and lock profile notifications

- voice mail

Set and lock voice mail notifications

- chat

Set and lock chat notifications

- missed call

Set and lock missed call notifications

- incoming call

Set and lock profile notifications

Hide menu user

Hide user button in menu

Hide menu voicemail

Hide voicemail button in menu

Hide menu recordings

Hide recordings button in menu

Hide menu cfc

Hide CFC button in menu

Hide favorite schedule

Hide favorite schedule button in toolbar

Hide calendar

Hide calendar button in toolbar

Disable active profile change

Disable active profile change button in toolbar

Hide phonebook contact

Hide phonebook contact tab (inactive)

Hide profile next work day

Hide profile next work day button

Hide Chat

Hide chat bottom tab button

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