Dynamics 365
  • 15 Feb 2024
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Dynamics 365

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You can get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Account information directly on incoming calls in Microsoft Teams with Infracom Communications Infinity Teams App where the integration will open the Microsoft Dynamics Account information reacting on the incoming Account phone number. 

Setup and configuration

To open the Dynamics 365 account with the counterparty number, you need:

  • Application (client) ID.
  • Directory (tenant) ID.
  • Client secret.
  • Dynamics 365 domain, which is the address of your Dynamics 365, for example  https://orgc123456.crm4.dynamics.com/.
  • Dynamics 365 api, which is the endpoint of your Dynamics 365 api, for example orgc123456.api.crm4.dynamics.com.

In the Integrations tab in Infinity Teams, you can choose to open the Microsoft Dynamics 365 account automatically on incoming calls, direct or upon answer.

Configuration Microsoft side

Register Application

To get the information you need for the Dynamics 365 integration, a System Administrator of the organization needs to log in to the Microsoft Azure portal, https://portal.azure.com

Select Azure directory and click on App registrations in the menu on the left.

At the top, select New registration and configure it by giving it a name, such as Teams Dynamics integration.

Select Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and click Register at the bottom of the page.

Save the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID you get from the registration (so you have them for later) and click on add a certificate or secret.

Click on New client secret and give it a description, select a period for how long the application should work and be valid. You can enter a shorter period but then need to update the information when the period has expired.

Save value as client secret, it will only be displayed once so make sure you save the value for yourself for later use.

Go to permissions and add the below permissions as “Delegated type (as seen in the picture below).

Add Application User

Open the Power Platform Admin Center (https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/environments) as System Administrator in your Microsoft 365 Admin Center, select you Dynamics 365 Environment and select Settings:     

Under the heading Users + permissions choose Application users then click +New app user 

In the new menu click +Add an app and choose the App that you created in the steps above.  Continue with Business unit and select the wanted Business unit.  Finish off by adding a Security role for the user. The roles chosen needs to have full rights to Accounts (System Administrator for example).
Click Create and you will see a new user having been added to your environment with the App ID already filled in. 

Infracom Teams Infinity Client settings

Go back to the Infinity Teams App in Teams as seen above and fill in the information you have noted (as here) as well as when the Microsoft Dynamics account informtion window should be opened and click Save. 


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