• 13 Apr 2023
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You can get Zendesk information directly on incoming calls in both in our Communicator and in Microsoft Teams with our Infinity Teams App. You can also load the customer in Zendesk to access tickets and more.

Integration Microsoft Teams with Infinity Teams App

With integration with Zendesk, you can open the called/calling customer's ticket and see information from Zendesk directly in your Infinity Teams App.
Callers tickets are shown in your Timeline/History, this way you will get a view of your customers contact points with your organization.

In the Communicator

When you get an incoming call or make an outbound call to a number that we can locate to a user within your Zendesk, it will show in the Call tab and you are able to click it to pop the Zendesk User page open connected to that number


To configure the integration, start with Zendesk and then set up the Communicator or Infinity Teams App depending on what you intend to use.

In Zendesk

In the clients you need the following from Zendesk

  • Domain, for example infracomcommunications.zendesk.com
  • User - the users Zendesk username/email
  • API Token - the same token can be used for multiple users

To download the API Token, log in as an admin in Zendesk and Go to Admin and API.

  • Enable Token Access
  • Click the Add API token
  • Save the token for later in a secure way, it will only be displayed once.

Configuring Infinity Teams App


  • User - the users Zendesk username/email
  • Domain - your company Zendesk domain  
  • Token - the one you got from your Zendesk Admin portal above 

Optional settings:

  • Select whether you want Zendesk to open automatically on calls
  • You can choose whether to open directly on an allocated call or not

Configuring the Communicator

First of all, press The Automations and Integrations button in the left menu and choose Integrations. Then Click Zendesk.

Fill in the following data:

  • Email - the email used in Zendesk
  • Domain - your company Zendesk domain 
  • Token - the one you got from your Zendesk Admin portal above


  • Triggers - choose on which events the integration should automatically launch Zendesk
    • In the example only answered incoming calls will launch Zendesk but you can still launch Zendesk manually from outgoing calls.
  • Accounts - choose for which of your accounts/devices you want the triggers to be active
    • In the example Zendesk will only launch when you answer the call in the Communicator
  • Press Save

A green checkbox will show on the right side of the Application if the Credentials were valid, and the Communicator could connect to Zendesk properly.

Now you're all set!

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