Quickguide Infinity Communicator & Mobile App
  • 08 Jun 2022
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Quickguide Infinity Communicator & Mobile App

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Article summary

Quick Guide - Communicator & Mobile App

In this Article we will give you a short description of the most common features in the Communicator, and the Mobile App. With these Applications you also have the Possibility to manage different devices, such as a Desk Phone or a Dect Phone.

Call Users

Make a Call by pressing the Phone button.

The Symbol and the text below describes which Profile the user is currently using. 

If a Yellow Phone Symbol appears below the Users name it is currently Ringing on that User.

Transfer Calls

When you have an active call, you can choose to transfer the call to another User by Click and Drag, or just simply press the Transfer button.

Then you will get the option to Transfer the call Attended or Unattended.

You also have the option to put the call on hold, until your Co-worker is free.

Change Profile

With Profiles you choose how incoming calls should behave, which number you want to display and also which Queues you should be active in. Select a Profile and choose how long it should last.

Move your Call between devices

You can move an ongoing call between your different Devices.

Press the Call tab to be able to see more Call Features for your current call. From there you can Move the call to your Cell phone, Desk phone or whatever suits you.

Features Overview

1. Contacts11. Settings21. Queue History
2. Chat12. Create New Contact22. Agent Name (Gray=Paused)
3. Queues13. Device to call with23. Pause / Remove Agent
4. Active Calls14. Queue Name24. Change Agent order
5. Profiles15. Pause / Unpause25. Tutorial / Documentation
6. Voicemail / Recordings16. Add member to Queue
7. Call History17. Call Queue
8. Calendar18. Daily Queue Statistics
9. Automations19. Active Agents
10. Send SMS20. Callers in Queue

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