Installing Infinity Teams app step-by-step
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Installing Infinity Teams app step-by-step

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Download the Infinity Teams app

To use Infinity Teams, you must first download the app. Click on Infinity.ZIP below and save it to your computer. It then needs to be sideloaded. If you have previously used the Contacts app, you can now choose to uninstall it. The Infinity app replaces Contacts.

Side loading

As an administrator in your Microsoft organization, open the Teams client and go to Apps in the menu on the left. (If you do not have an administrator role yourself, contact your internal or external IT provider) .

1. Select Manage Apps

2. Select Upload an app. Now choose 3 or 4.

3. If you want to upload the app for yourself " Upload a custom app"

4. If you want to make the app selectable for everyone in your organization, select the bottom option "Submit an app to your organization" If you choose this option, your Teams Administrator must approve the app. Then upload

Microsoft Teams admin center (for administrators)

In order for your users to be able to load pages or allow them to install apps, you may need to make a change in your organization's admin center.

Go to

 Click on the Teams admin center and select "Teams apps" and "Permission policies".

 Set the rules that suit your organization whether it should be all apps or the ones you choose.

Under the Manage Apps menu, you as an administrator can upload Infinity for all users in the organization. Here you will also see if someone has uploaded the app in step 4 above

Select Upload app (+ Upload new app) Select the .zip file for the app you want to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

User Side

On the users side check to see that the click-to-call feature is set up correctly. 

In Windows search for Default Apps in the Windows Searchbar and go to Default Apps. 

Choose default applications by protocol and select Teams for the TEL (URL:tel)-link.

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