Templates - Profiles
  • 26 Jun 2024
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Templates - Profiles

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Profiles are used to control the user's availability for incoming calls, caller ID for outgoing calls, queue management, etc. Feel free to read more about profiles and how they work. This guide will go through how to create templates that contain a set of profiles.

With our profile templates, you can easily create standardized profile settings for different types of users in your PBX. By defining templates for different user groups, you can ensure that all users of the same type get the same basic settings and features. We recommend using the profile templates together with our user settings templates.


To configure templates, you can find the settings in the Infinity portal under "Company > Templates > Profiles". By default, there are already a few different sets of templates. If you are satisfied with one of the existing sets, choose the one that suits you and proceed to apply it directly to the customer, see the section "Apply".

Create your own profile template

If you want to create your own profile template with a custom set of profiles, you need to start by cloning an existing profile template. Choose a suitable template from the existing ones and click the clone button.


Set a suitable name and click Yes.

Add profiles to the template

When you have your own profile template ready, you are ready to edit and/or create new profiles in the template. To create new profiles, click the “Plus button” to create a new profile in the template.

Create a new profile

In the first section, General, you set the Name and a suitable Profile icon for the profile. The icons in the profile template have predefined colors for consistency. Priority determines which profile will be active if multiple profiles are activated simultaneously by the user; the profile with the lowest number has the highest priority and will be the one that is active in case of a conflict. Under Type, select the type of profile you want to create, e.g. Meeting.

In settings, choose how the profile should handle Queues, whether the user should be "Paused" or "Active" in all queues or specific queues. You can also specify specific devices that should be active in the queues when the profile is active. If users' calendars are synced with Infinity, you can specify Trigger words that activate the profile upon calendar sync. Under Caller ID, choose which number should be displayed externally.

Call routing is used to determine how incoming calls should be handled when the profile is active. If, as shown in the image below, you have chosen the profile to manage Any number, you set where the call should go under Transfer to.. There, you can select a specific number, application, message, or the user's voicemail. By clicking Add, you can also add a separate call routing for the user's landline, internal or mobile number. These will then be used for the respective number type. For example to let calls to the mobile number ring through while calls to the landline number go directly to voicemail when you are in a meeting.

You can also add exceptions depending on whether the user is Busy, No Answer, or Unreachable.


When all profiles are created in your profile template, it's time to apply the profiles to your users. You do this with the button "Apply template to users".

Please note that all existing profiles on users who have the profile template applied will be removed.

Apply template to users

Select either some specific users by marking them or "Select all" if you want to apply your new profile template to all users for the customer.

Once you have selected users, click Apply and then you must confirm that all the user's profiles will be overwritten and replaced with the new ones in your profile template. Once approved, the users will have their new profiles.

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