Close your queues for holiday like christmas
  • 30 Sep 2021
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Close your queues for holiday like christmas

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Article Summary

Manage soundfile

Log in to the Infinity portal

Here you can manage existing audio files, listen, download and create new ones.


Click on "Create new" at the top right.

Here you can create a new audio file, either by uploading an audio file that is on the computer, or pressing "Start" to record the audio file from the computer, it is recommended to use a headset for the best quality. You also need to approve in the browser that the headset / MIC / audio input for use.

After recording, you can also choose to listen to the audio file, ID is set automatically, do not forget to give the audio file a name. Finish with save. "PIN" is needed to be able to play over the audio file from a telephone connected to the exchange.

Text to speech

Here you can easily use the Text to speech function, where you write in text what the message should say, and the message is created by our automatic voice. Used in the same way as a self-recorded message.

Create messeges

The difference between an "audio file" and a "message"

Audio file: Used for example as a repetitive queue message, where we do not need to set the destination after the audio file has been played, and IVR (button selection).

Message: In the message we use the audio file, the difference here is that we need to decide what should happen after the audio file has been played, for example if the call should go on to group, Voicemail, external answering service etc.

A message needs to be created in "Opening hours" (TBR), ie in a "function in the exchange", Overflow message etc.

Go to "message" under "Company", select create new. In the drop-down list of audio files, select the audio you just created.

Destination, select what should happen after the message has been played, whether the audio file should be played and the call then hung up, select hangup, end with save.

 Time Based Routing

Then go to "Time Based Routing" under "companies".

Select which TBR you want to close.

Press the + sign next to "destinations"

Select the message you just created. Finish with save.                     

En bild som visar text

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning     

Go down to the Schedule, select start, either to adjust the time, or "drag-n-drop".

In this view you can also adjust the times, as well as choose to repeat this event, finish with save. Finally, press save in the lower right corner.

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