Teams Queue App
  • 24 Nov 2023
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Teams Queue App

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Phone queues

Phone queues and Teams Channels have a lot in common. You and your colleagues collaborate to answer and handle incoming calls,sometimes you have to reach out to your colleagues for help on taking calls or maybe something a customer of yours are calling you about. Teams and its channels are a collaboration platform.

With that in mind and looking for a way to better organize the collaborations regarding your incoming calls to your phone queues we have developed a tool for you.

Queue tabs for an overview of your queue, agents and history which you can easyly add to a Microsoft Teams channel giving you a quick overview for a queue. 

Install Queue app as a tab

Install Queue app for your organization and head over to your departments team and channel, press the plus sign in the top bar.

Search and select Queue App in the new window that appears.

Choose the Queue that you want to add as a new tab to the Teams channel and press Save after you have chosen.  Note that you can post a note to the channel that a new tab has been added to the teams channel. Make sure to check the required access rights for this app here.

Queue app in action

Log in an agent by pressing the play button and pause them by pressing the pause button.

The bin alongside every agent removes the agent from the queue.

Click Add agent to get a list of agents and add them to your queue.

At the top of your queue tab you will find real-time information of your queues: Calls in queue, Answered calls, Avarage wait time, Service level and available Agents. 

Call flow control

From your QueueApp you can manage your organistations Call flow controls, you will need full access to Company CFC to be able to handle them.

You will be able to handle your organisations cfc's, Depending on how they are built they may also change flow for other queues and calls.
In the column Used in you will se where this call flow is directly used, Note that there could be destinations that is forwarded from any of the destionations listed in the Used in that is not shown in this column.
Sound files in Active and Inactive will be played for active and inactive state of a cfc.

From this call flow control window you can change soundfile and state of a cfc, To change to other destinations and add cfc's, sign in to your portal.

Call in Queue

At the Call in queue section you will see all current incoming calls to your queue. If you see a call that you like to answer, maybe it is a customer you already spoken to just click the phone icon under Answer and you will pick up the call.

Call History

In the Call history tabel you see queue calls for today listed with number, wait time, call time with agent, agents name and its time and date.

You can find more statistic and history under the clock button shown above .

Here you can filter your queue history by date for agents and queue, you can also download a .csv file of the history.

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