• 03 Apr 2023
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In this solution our Infinity Teams App (legacy:CallApp) communicates with SAP through a CTI adapter from SAP.
All users that would like to have this integration will have to download and install the CTI adapter from SAP for Cloud.

Our App will request an event through the adapter for every:

  • Incomming call
  • Outbound Call
  • Active Call
  • Disconnection of call

In your C4C solution you will receive a pop up for the call events and also get a contact card for the calling party, if there is one, with the caller’s number in you SAP environment. You will also get call logs for your users directly in C4C.

Your adapter will run on your local computer and will be reached via:
http://localhost:36729; where 36729 is the default port for the CTI adapter.

This URL needs some values that tells SAP what to do e.g.


  • CID=BMC1234 is mandatory to tell SAP what maker of the connection this is.
  • ANI=$CLI will send the calling partys number.
  • EventType=INBOUND will tell that this is a incoming call. Suported values for EventType are:
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • UpdateActivity
  • Event=CALL_CONNECTED is the status of your call and supports the following values:

Combine these values and create your URL's then paste these into the Infinity Teams (legacy: CallApp) Integration settings under Background call. Save your settings..

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