• 21 Dec 2023
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You can get HubSpot information directly on incoming calls in Microsoft Teams with our Infinity Teams App. You can also load the customer in Salesforce to access history and logg calls and voicemails.

In Microsoft Teams with Infinity Teams App

You will get contact information from HubSpot directly in your Infinity Teams App in Microsoft Teams and it will open contact cards in HubSpot system without you having to search for the number yourself. You get contact information and be able to open information from the CRM button in your Infinity Teams App. Calls will be loged on customer and if there is a voicemail associated with the call you will find it in your HubSpot call log as well. To Be able to listen to voicemails your Infinity User must have access to voicemail and be signed into the portal.

Configuring Infinity Teams

Choose HubSpot in Infinity Teams App settings and click Save. You will be taken to HubSpot where you must sign in with your HubSpot credentials.

When prompted with Connecting InfraCom Teams Connector to HubSpot you will have to click the checkbox and you will be done.

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