Teams Astrid app
  • 14 Jun 2023
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Teams Astrid app

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Astrid will help you with settings and features of Infinity cloud PBX connected to Microsoft Teams. For example, you can log out of phone queues, set profile and send SMS with Astrid. 


You will find Astrid in the Microsoft Teams store after your admin has uploaded the app for your organization. Click the Apps button in the menu on the left and search for Astrid. 

Choose Astrid by clicking on the card in the store. In the new window just click the Add button. 

If you don't find Astrid in the store, your admin may need to allow external apps or add them as selectable for you as an organization. 

In some cases, there might be a firewall or proxy preventing our apps to work as they should. If so, you could add a rule to allow traffic for,, and Port 80, 8080, 443.


Select the Dashboard tab in your chatt with Astrid to log in or out of queues you are a member of, set your profile or top up your mobile data. 



Under Response groups you will find queues you are a member of, you also see if you are logged in or logged out and how many of the queue’s agents are logged in. The little dot in the bottom corner shows your status in the queue. To change your status, click Sign in or Sign out.

Number settings 

Set your profile and select among the profiles your organization has set in the telephony service, you can also set what end time your profile should have. This is also where you see which profile you have set. 

If you have your mobile number linked to your user, you can top up your mobile data and see how much data you have consumed so far this month. The various packages are listed together with their price.  


Under your settings tab you will find some settings for your user. 

Display number will set what number you will show when you make an outgoing call. You will be able to select between your assigned numbers as well as “As profile” which will go by your profile settings. 

Link presence to profile allow you to map your Teams status to your phone system profile. Select profile in the dropdown box. At the bottom you can check the box to get your phone status to update depending on your teams call status. 

Link precens to profile require consent as admin before use.


Chatt with Astrid 


 In order to communicate with Astrid, you must first log in with your user in. Type "log in" or "get started" and you will get a login window where you fill in your login details, once you have authenticated, the window closes, and you are logged in to the Infinity cloud services. You also now get a few choices with buttons that you can click or type in the chat box with Astrid.  

With Microsoft Teams installed on your mobile phone, you can do everything you can in a chat with Astrid. Just select Astrid in your list of chats and start typing commands, if you are already logged in with your computer you do not need to log in again on your mobile.


If you want to log in or out of a telephone queue, you can write Response Groups and bring up the options available. You can manage your own agent, another agent that is if you are an admin and see the status of a queue. 

If there is only one queue that you can log in or log out of, you are logged out directly, otherwise you can choose which queue you want to interact with. 

 You can see the status of the response group, type or click the Status of the response group [queue name]. Astrid will show you which agents are logged in/out from your queue and which calls are pending. 

Mobile data 

Write mobile data or topup to Astrid and she will list your choices and price that you will be able to topup with also she will show how much data you have already used. If you do not have a mobile number linked to your user, talk with your administrator and make sure your number is connected. 

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